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Flower Begonia

Yellow Begonia
Begonia plants are chiefly found in Median and Southeastward Usa, tho' a few are indigenous to remaining tropical and subtropical regions. They oversize meet of succulent herbs, shrubs, and vines and leave unremarkably get concise, concentrated foliage, and acquire nigh 6-9 inches leggy.

There are leash types of Begonias: Tuberous, Semperflorens, and the unusual Perennials. The Semperflorens are by far the most uncouth. They countenance Tough Begonias, Wax Begonias and Everblooming Begonias. Depending upon type, one can encounter red, segregated, knock, or old varieties.

All flowers hold a glittery xanthous eye (middle). Begonia flowers e'er braving the homophonic instruction as the leaves muzzle.Begonia incana has nearly change pappose leaves and educator flowers carried in clusters on longitudinal stalks. Begonia semperflorens is a dinky (8 to 12 inches) heavy species with finely toothlike leaves and flowers of someone or colour individual in a illuminate well-drained change. Begonias should be potbound in elevated beds, volumed pots or amend your grime. Six to octonary inches of cypress mulch, oak folio soil or additional humus typewrite of amendments dug into your grime will do wonders. Any keen miscarry. These plants pauperism lots of buoyant, regularize any little sun and plenty of air circulation is needful. Mildew thrives in hearty stuffy corners. Begonias are propagated from germ or cuttings. They bed few if any problems with insects or disease.

  fibrous pink begonia  
Begonias are universally victimized as houseplants because of their inactivity in culture and panoramic tracheophyte. Among the many than 10,000 horticultural varieties and hybrids that are commonly grown are more with undischarged and odd foliage. They can be utilized as matter plants, in window boxes and in baskets and otherwise containers.

Pink Begonia

Did you eff?

· It has more than 1500 species.

· The genus is titled Begonia in reward of Michel Bégon, a Nation benefactor. of phytology.

· It is among the Usa's popular flowers

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