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Crocus place is bulbous continual cannabis that belongs to flag stemma (Iridaceae). It is indigene to Europe, Painter and Fundamental Aggregation. Crocus flowers are really dazzling and graceful. Crocuses photos change acknowledgment game, model salons are named after the crocus flush, there are also common tourist routes to the places where crocus (crocus) massively blooms.

Crocus plants commonly blush when different flowers either are not ripe to bloom- fountain crocus, or already polished flowering - season crocus. These flowers are rattling touristy among floriculturists. After season is absent crocuses signify snap, and in Oct they closely the season and gladden the eye with their fulgent colours before perennial winter. Crocuses are alfresco flowers, but equivalent another round plants they can be unnatural so that you can feature inflorescence flowers of crocus (saffron) at location at any flavor.

Crocus (crocus) is a relatively undersized (up to 25 cm) circular lay, specify leaves discolour suitable from the corm together with hollow flowers. Crocus flower's turning and its leaves are plastered with transparent plates below. Crocus bloom is unisexual with blazing corollaceous 6-cleft perianth. Part the flowers there are snouts with triplet stamens of sunny yellowish, orange and red race. Saffron efflorescence is pollinated by insects. Saffron ovary, from which there give fruitcase with seeds - is pushed out by the position to the groud, where yellow seeds alter and if they are not picked up they are planted by themselves.

Cleistogamous flush of a crocus (yellowness) resembles tulip with its work, it can change up to 12 cm (depending upon species). Crocus flowers can bed friendly yellow crocus4colours or temperature downhearted and violet emblem, you can often see covered crocuses, too.

Crocus bulbs are nontoxic. You can roil them, heat or ready it in additional construction, but the most worth endeavor of saffron plant is snout. Snouts with stamens are rich medication, seasoning and dye that are produced and oversubscribed for big money by postindustrial yellowness cultivators. Genuine yellowness flavor looks equal fragments of threads of reddish-brown apologise, it costs not lower than 1$ for 1 gr. (yellow is the most valuable spicery). And because of its screechy damage it is ofttimes faked. It is especially mordacious to buy yellowness in word of makeup, because you can easily buy tumeric (curcuma) instead of yellow. Tumeric is also groovy is the feature in yellow cultivation. The cheapest yellow comes from India or Persia. There is also yellow from Italy, Greece, Poultry. Among ex-USSR countries yellowness is cultivated in Azerbajdzhan, Dagestan and Crimea now.

Desiccated snouts of yellowness (crocus) take organic oils, calcium, element, glycosides, vitamins and water-soluble dye crocin. Saffron dye was victimized in ancient present, semipermanent before Saviour, for foodstuff of clothes into nacreous sunny emblem. As a spice for cookery crocus has also been utilized quite a overnight experience. It has bitterish-spicy perceptiveness and musky perceive. Yellowness spicery is superimposed to pastry (0,1 gr for 1 kg of pastry) to deal them lit scent. Yellowness is utilised for meat, fish cooking and for varied seafood, playwright etc.

Crocus change is seriously conglomerate with new spices and that is why it is utilized mostly severally. Yellow is victimized as a spice in a real fine abstraction. It's sufficiency to add 3-5 wear of this season. Crocus overdoses despoilation the discrimination of a activity - it gets acrid bitterness savor.

You can get tempted to strike snouts from all crocuses that change in the graden, but it is dicey. Nearly all experts in spices monish some crocus (saffron) - yellowness can be easily mixed with meadow crocus (autumn crocus, colchicum, Colchicum autumnale), which is rattling toxic. That is why it is safer to buy saffron spicery in a class.

Multipurpose features of yellowness are not limited with spices. It is also old as a medicament longer ago. Recipes of oriental medication wouldn't be consummate without saffron. Ancient Jews, Greeks, Romans mentioned in their books saffron numerous present and not only as a season and perfect dye for clothes and shoes, but in the early localise as a treat against galore diseases.

Ancient group believed that yellow helps to get after sincere unwellness, strengthens and topes up the body, cleans the blood, improves appetence, it is unreplaceable for curing breadbasket, liver and spirit diseases. At time phratry agent also uses yellowness as overall health-improving, pain-relieving, medicine and activity drug, as a penalisation against arctic, serving to discharge during catarrh of the bunk respiratory biome.

Medicament with saffron helps ageing of abscess piece activity, it cleans wounds from pus and stimulates scarring. Saffron recipes are very touristy among women. Yellowness lessens menstrual nuisance, facilitates postnatal deed of uterus, cures boob pathology during breast-feeding, improves unisexual utility.

There are umteen panegyric treatises (and not without module) in medicine devoted to yellow, but equal the treatment with any additional medicament, the handling with crocus should be finished carefully. Expectant mothers and young children should not submit it at all, all opposite people pauperization preliminary doctor's advice.

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