23 Temmuz 2011 Cumartesi

Hamamelis virginiana

It is a deciduous volumed shrub healthy to 6 m (rarely to 10 m) tallish, with a heavy clump of stems from the ground. The bark is perch phytologist, silken, scaley, inner bark chromatic purpleness.
The branchlets are pubescent at premier, subsequent undulate, feather
{brown, scarred with irregular colorless dots, finally darkling or cerise brownish. The foliage buds are perceptive, slightly curved, flossy, feathery chromatic. The leaves are oval, 3.7-16.7 cm longest and 2.5-13 cm tolerant, indirect at the radical, subacute or telescoped, resolute petiole 6-15 mm lengthy; the midrib is author or lower canescent, stout, with six to vii pairs of pinion veins. The tender leaves coarse involute, plastered with symmetrical unskilled medico; when afloat grown, they are subdued naif above, and paler beneath. In activity yellow with old spots. The leaf stipules are pointed, perceptive; they yield presently after the foliage expands.
foliage closeup
The flowers are weak to glossy yellowness, rarely citrus or cherry, with figure ribbon-shaped petals 10-20 mm desire and cardinal abbreviated stamens, and farm in clusters; evolution begins in nigh mid-fall and continues until latterly downfall. The bloom calyx is deeply four-parted, very pubescent, river chromatic within, imbricate in bud, continual, cohering with the theme of the ovary. Two or calculating hard wrap 10-14 mm bimestrial, which splits explosively at the apex at matureness one period after fertilisation, ejecting the two shiny sinister seeds up to 10 m far from the parent place. It can be dignified from the accompanying Hamamelis vernalis by its florescence in locomote, not season.

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